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(From left to right): Nate Douglas, Montgomery Sinisi, James Cross, Jacqui Irwin, and Sam Gray pose for a picture on stage after speaking at the 2022 Fathomwerx Summit at Port Hueneme on September 14, 2022.

Sinisi Solutions LLC Joins US Critical Issues Panel

OXNARD, Sept. 14, 2022 – – Sinisi Solutions LLC spoke to industry academia and DOD stakeholders on a critical national security panel at the 2022 Fathomwerx Summit at Port Hueneme. Vice President, Operations and Assessments, Montgomery Sinisi, was joined by Jacqui Irwin, Assemblymember of California’s 44th District, Nate Douglas, Chief, Enterprise Future Systems Architect of Space Force, and James Cross, Co-Head of Private Investing at Franklin Templeton, Managing Director of Franklin Venture Partners, Founder of Silicon Valley Defense Group. The panel focused on the intersection of private capital and national security, highlighting each panel member’s unique vantage point for addressing today’s critical national security challenges. All panel members brought different viewpoints from all perspectives making for an insightful conversation about the technical overlap in the areas of physical security, space, and cybersecurity.

About Sinisi Solutions LLC
A leader in Critical Infrastructure and substation protection for over 20 years, Sinisi Solutions LLC works with the “Voice of the Client” to provide engineered, custom compliance solutions for the protection of critical equipment, utilities, industry, assets, and facilities.

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